A year past by…

This travel maniac traversed a million unknown paths & unfolded diverse destinations,

But ironically she does not remember the exact geographical locations.

What she remembers is watching the sun rise up at dawn & go down in dusk,

Gazing into the starlit sky with a thousand questions to ask…

Glow worms shining the path for her,

Appreciating the different phases of the moon,sometimes clear & sometimes blur.

Letting the waves taking her to the sea & throwing her back to the shore,

Watching dumbstruck the highest mountains, the dark clouds &the rains pour.

Jumping into nowhere with the lungs shrieking at its peak,

Gaping open eyed at the peacock unfurling its feathers as the automatic shutter went click…

A year past by focusing and fading on different perspectives,

Finding herself in a mob with a stranger passing a sweet smile, sometimes she found herself lonely in a bunch of ‘Besties’.

A couple of times she suppressed her anger & frustration,

Sometimes she lashed out her true emotion.

She laughed out loud on the silliest of joke,

Cried that hard that the heart almost broke…

She befriended a hundred of fools & intellectuals,

Wrote off a handful of ‘All is well’s😹.

She delved into unknown forays of so called spirituality,

Realising many realms exist apart from reality!

As the clock tiptoed into another year,

She finally counted that she had enthralling experiences to cheer…


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