Virgin view of Mount Everest

I don’t know if we humans have a click shot memory but nevertheless the view that will stay at the back of my mind for my entire lifetime is definitely the one I had while watching Mt. Everest from a close distance.

22nd September,2016 was a dawn which I would never like to forget ‘cos I woke up earlier than the Sun only to welcome its beacon with wide open arms.Buddha Air was the airlines we had chosen to be the official carrier, the name of the experience-enricher was Mountain flight which takes you around the highest peaks in the world in a span of 1 hour.

What does it take to be patient?Well, I can tell you exactly because I waited eagerly for the flight to take off the ground & prayed that there are no hurdles due to bad weather & visibility.The best part of the mountain flight is that there are no hullabaloos about window seats beacuse there are 19 seats in the Beech 1900D aircraft & all the seats are window seats offering one of the best panoramas visible to human eye.

The cabin crew is a very hospitable one providing you with every bit of information about the peaks(Written route map is also provided) & they offer candies at the beginning of the flight too. Also, one can go to the cockpit & check out the tallest one standing amidst proper guidance.

Disclaimer:- Please watch the video till the last;Everest is breathtakingly beautiful.BEWARE!


Ever wondered why God created humans?Or lets get a bit up,close & personal…Why did you come into existence?The moment I watched Mount Everest,strangely though,I got a few answers myself without wrecking my grey cells.

“The highest creation of God, Mt. Everest made me feel more strong & dauntless & I felt one with the Creator for that wonderful moment”

The seat assigned to me was 2A which is the seat right behind that of the stewardess’s.As the Kathmandu valley crossed underneath, I felt my dreams getting real & my eyes were lost in an icy indulgence.Just to record my quizzing sense right, I recalled my school days when the Nepalese name of Sagarmatha and the Chinese name of Chomolungma standing tallest at 8,848 metres(20,028 feet) crossed my mind.

My patience got the better of me when the air hostess started inviting people to the cockpit to get a better view of the Mahalangur range of which Mount Everest is a  part of. I stood up to be the first one to take the opportunity only to be said by the hostess that my turn would come.God & I only know with what eagerness I was waiting for my turn to come.My adrenaline rushing high, I was quite oblivious to the fact that the flight had gained altitude & many people were suffering from air sickness and that’s why they preferred sitting & watching it from their seats rather than rushing to the cockpit.

The stewardess must have sensed my excitement as she asked if anyone want to visit the cockpit?Yours sincerely could not hold herself back any longer and started questioning the pilots about which of those mountain peaks was her Mt.EVEREST 🙂


‘Euphoric or Ecstatic may be the right word to express my feelings at that point of time when i stood there awestruck with my Nikon55-200 lens in hand.Childish it may read or sound, all I wanted is a click in my mind’s memory’!

After a lot of which,what & how’s with the pilots trying to satiate my elephant sized questionnaire, I left the cockpit only to watch it again from the other windows because the flight had taken a turn & Sagarmatha was better visible from there.As soon as we landed, Buddha air gave the passengers a successful completion certificate of the flight. 

I do not know whether I will be able to set foot on the Everest summit braving the harsh weather but I would definitely say that my life has  enriched after watching it from such a close distance.Beyond doubt, I would claim that Everest has taught me few lessons in life and believe you me, YOU GOTTA SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT!




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