I was in for a surprise when I heard that the 500 & 1000 notes are to be banned from the midnight of 8th Nov, 2016.I tuned in the TV to confirm the news & to my utter surprise, it was no rumour. My panic button was turned for a moment while I thought why this sudden demonetisation is in place & the trouble that would emerge if transactions are only to be made in notes of 100 & below.

My PM, Narendra Modi was addressing the citizens on the same & I heard it in detail.What said was, ‘The move was targeted at curbing the negative impact of fake currency, black money, corruption and terrorism on the nation’s economy & new denominations of Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 would be released and circulated soon’.

For a honest tax payer like me keeping in mind that only 1 % of  Indians Pay Income Tax, by Government Data;it was a welcome move because I am aware that many of the citizens evade tax paying even after falling in tax slab & there is a mammoth circulation of ‘black money’ in the country.Also, there are fake currencies of 500 denominations which commoners might easily consider to be genuine & fall prey to.

I am witness to the fact that there ATMs are not operating & only denominations of 2000, 100,50, 20 & 10 are available in banks.I have waited in queues for exchanging old notes of 500 & 1000.

Being a citizen of the country, I know its my duty to protect my country from evil, be it in the name of terrorism, corruption, etc.I also understand that the Govt. cannot put a gun in my hands & ask me to fight for my country in the border areas however much I want to. But, since my PM & the reigning Govt. has decided to ban the notes in the hope that circulation of ‘काला धन’ or black money will go down; I am willing to go the extra mile & make this vision a success.

We all have heard & many of us must have cited this idiom, ‘NO PAIN,NO GAIN’ since our childhood. Now is the time to walk the talk & make this vision of making India a corruption-free;black-money free country.Many of us might be thinking,how this would help in accumulating the black money or why should common citizens be bothered when we have done nothing wrong?

Friends & Folks,believe you me, I have seen terrible fights & people quarreling on petty things in the queues waiting to deposit their money or exchanging their old notes.But, I have also seen people aghast when they did not know what to do with their benami/ बेनामी transacted money. Inspite of several reminders and warnings from Govt for filing up tax returns, refraining from benami transactions,etc. there is a chunk of people who take it lightly  & still adhere to such practices.

Being a student of law, I understand that involving in such acts of corruption is a crime under Indian Penal Code and can invite retributive and punitive measures.Its my earnest request to support the Govt in such a colossal initiative, support the Bank employees who are working relentlessly & help in controlling the panic situation which might arise when people come in  massive numbers to bank/post offices.

I believe YOU & I can make a difference and make India a better country.So, Let’s take a bit of pain now & contribute in the gain of our motherland. JAI HIND!




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