Leap of faith

What comes to your mind when you are about to jump from a 160m high platform into the Bhotekoshi river and you are gonna swing with a not-so-fast speed of 150km/hr?

NOTHING was my answer to myself when I decided to take the leap of faith.I was hell-bent on enjoying every nano second of it,come what may.The problem in my spine and cervical seemed too petty to think about it when I took the plunge.Situated 50 kms away from the Tibetan border in Nepal, The Last Resort is an adventurer’s paradise where you can go around trying every bit of the adrenaline rush you wanted to experience.Bungee-jumping, canyon swing,rafting are many of the activities that you can relish in the adventure platter.

The journey started at 6am in the morning when a group of adventure-sniffing buffs got together at The Last Resort, Thamel Office eagerly waiting for it to open its doors.We had to wait nearly 45 min before we were allocated our vehicles to reach the designated location which was approx 100 kms from Kathmandu, the capital city.The roads were literally gruelling and it really tried my lumbar spine to its worst.I could imagine my L4-L5 and L5-S1 crying out aloud when I was bumping my way in the Mahindra Bolero to Naya Pul, Tatopani wherein the Last Resort was located.

There were places where there were no roads & I could think of only The Royal Enfield Himalayan adverisement which was teasing my mind, ‘Built for all roads built for no roads’.

Enroute The Last Resort

All of my tiredness seemed to fizzle out once I got introduced to the bounties that nature had to offer me that day.As we explored the resort, the greenery got the better of me & I was lost in the awesome view that it had to offer.Nature seemed to conspire in making my experience more exhilarating as it started to pour cats & dogs before our jump.

There were certain guidelines provided after weighing us & safety instructions were provided.You can viewWorld’s highest canyon swing/tandem bungee to get a glimpse of the most adventurous moment I enjoyed till now.I shrieked for the first time when I let myself go in the lap of nature, it was a LEAP OF FAITH & my vocal chords did not fail me in my venture.

After the freefall which lasted around 10 secs, I looked down & saw the BhoteKoshi river quite a bit close than expected.The rain had mellowed done a bit & I was dumbstruck with the stupendous view around.God must have had been in leisure to craft such a beautiful aura.The swing lasted for another 15 – 20 secs in an arch of 240m and then I realised my entire weight was on my lower back & I had to pull myself for being in a comfortable position.

When we were being hauled up, there was a torrent of feelings & expressions that were surging through my mind.I would like to share one such thought with you.

‘Live every moment as if it was an adventure & never forget to thank the one above for it!’




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