Of orkut days and facebook years, Life seems more happening when we are on instagram & twitter dears... Virtuality creeps in without making you feel uncomfortable, The fact is with all our connecting devices,we are at distance unfathomable!


A forbidden territory…Manikarnika Ghat, Varanasi

VIBRANT VARANASI... One of the most pious cities in Hindu mythology...Varanasi,Kashi or Banaras(As it is commonly called) will make you loose yourself in the crowd & be a one among many. That's d beauty of the city which I have never felt in any Indian city/town/village till date.It has the sense of oneness (Read एकम्  in … Continue reading A forbidden territory…Manikarnika Ghat, Varanasi


We all have heard & many of us must have cited this idiom, 'NO PAIN,NO GAIN' since our childhood. Now is the time to walk the talk & make this vision of making India a corruption-free;black-money free country.Many of us might be thinking,how this would help in accumulating the black money or why should common citizens be bothered when we have done nothing wrong?